Sessions, Workshops & Symposiums

SEEP Industry 2020 welcome you to suggest or organise sessions, workshops and symposiums.

We are delighted to announce the confirmed workshop chaired by ‘Engineers without Borders UK’ ‘R&D by Young Pioneers Workshop’

Submission of Abstracts

Interested contributors are requested to submit abstract(s) of up to 200 words to the follow emails below:

Conference Team –

  • Prof. Jeremy Miller –
  • Mr. Andy Slaney –
  • Prof. Abdul Ghani Olabi –
  • Prof. Hussam Jouhara –


Selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version to the following Elsevier Journals:

Energy (IF: 5.537)
Renewable Energy (IF: 5.439)
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (IF: 4.084)
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (IF: 10.556)
Science of the Total Environment (Elsevier IF: 5.589)
Journal of Energy Sources, Part B: Economics, Planning and Policy (IF: 1.09)
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress (Elsevier)
International Journal of Thermofluids (Elsevier)


Sponsored prizes will be awarded for the best papers presented by undergraduate students. Judges will decide on the awards based on the quality of both the written paper, and the presentation.