Workshop Chairman: Prof. Lorna Anguilano

Lorna is a Senior Research Fellow at Brunel University London. Lorna covers also the role of co-Director of the Wolfson Centre for sustainable materials and the Quality Manager of the Experimental Techniques Centre. Lorna’s research focuses on the development of processes for the recovery and upcycling of materials from waste streams to achieve a sustainable supply chain for manufacturing in the UK and Europe.

The paradox of electrification: material sourcing, efficiency, design and end of life strategies

As most countries are aligning with the quest for net zero by 2050, the sprint to electrification is vastly intensifying pushing not only the boundaries of engineering but also the boundaries of material science. On the one hand electrification means the requirement for lighter high performance materials for vehicles but also new ways to generate and store electricity. However, both renewable energy production and batteries technologies require vast amounts of minerals that are concentrated in few countries, hence generating a frenzy for critical minerals all over the world.

We would like to invite experts to present alternative methods of material sourcing, material formulation, design, specifically for end of life and end of life strategies for improve recycling to come together and showcase sustainable approaches and novel methods to showcase avenues to achieve the international targets maintaining the sustainability goals.